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The Benefits and Risks of Eating Raw Tofu

In this day and age, everything seems to be enjoyed in an instant. Cooking seems to be a chore that is becoming hard to enjoy. This is why a lot of people try to rely on instant food or takeaways.

Now, since this is a page dedicated to our love for tofu, we will discuss the benefits and risks of eating raw tofu straight out of the packet.

Can we eat tofu in its raw form?

Is it safe to eat raw tofu?

Wait, is tofu actually raw?

All the answers to these questions will be unlocked in the article below.

The Process of Making Tofu

Fact: Tofu is already cooked.

How did this happen? When you make tofu, you have to begin with the process of making soy milk. In order to make soy milk, the soybeans are soaked overnight to make the beans softer. This will also help in the easy separation of the shell from the beans.

Once this is done, the soybeans are boiled under low fire in order to make the soy milk. On top of that, the soy milk is cooked again under medium heat before adding the coagulants. This means that the tofu is safe to consume at its raw state because it has already undergone the process of cooking by making the soy milk.

How to Use Raw Tofu in Food

• Eating Raw Tofu Straight Out of the Packet
Raw tofu can be eaten right off the packaging. Regardless of the type of tofu, you can just eat the tofu. However, it is important to drain off the excess water from the tofu. You can choose to soak the tofu in fresh water before eating it up. The best type of tofu to be eaten in its raw form is the silken and soft block tofu.

• Add Raw Tofu to Smoothie
Smoothies do not usually carry a lot of protein this is because it is usually made from fruits and vegetables. If you are the type to avoid protein shakes and powders, tofu can be a great substitute. This is because tofu is flavorless and it will only take up the taste of the other ingredients. The addition of tofu to the smoothie will make the consistency richer without tampering the flavor of the smoothie. This can serve as a meal replacement since the smoothie will end up being rich in protein.

• Substitute to Dairy Products
There are some recipes that call for dairy products like yogurt. Soft tofu can be pureed in lieu of dairy products. Since soy milk is an alternative to dairy products, tofu can act as an alternative to dairy products with a thicker consistency. This can be used as a dressing provided that there are some seasonings added to the tofu.

• Tofu Ice Cream
When you are a vegan or lactose intolerant, it is hard to make a dessert that you can enjoy thoroughly. Raw tofu can serve as your base for vegan ice cream. In order to make tofu ice cream, you can begin by blending tofu with soy milk.

Once the tofu is completely blended, you can now add sugar and oil. You can also opt to add the flavoring that you like to make the ice cream tastier. You can choose to freeze the ice cream if you do not have an ice cream maker. However, for best results, you can opt to use an ice cream maker.

The Benefit of Eating Raw Tofu

Since tofu is not an animal by-product, several diets will allow for the consumption of tofu. Apart from being a diet food, tofu is also a great source of nutrients. Raw tofu is rich in protein, which helps repair the tissues of the body. Tofu is also rich in amino acid, which helps in breaking down the food that we consume. It is also rich in calcium and magnesium despite being low in fat and calories.

Since tofu contains all these nutrients, it can help build stronger bones and improve the growth of our hair and nails. Tofu is also known to reduce menopausal syndrome as tofu also increases the estrogen in the body. Tofu is also low in fat, which helps regularize one’s blood pressure and in lowering the cholesterol level. On top of this, tofu is low in calories, which makes it great for people that are trying to manage their weight.

The Risk of Eating Uncooked Tofu

Food poisoning caused by raw tofu is really uncommon. However, it is important to make sure that the tofu is prepared properly to prevent contamination. Wash the tofu right off the packaging to remove excess sodium. Moreover, it is also essential to keep the tofu away from utensils used to handle raw meat, especially chicken. This will prevent contamination of bacteria that may cause food poisoning.

As we wrap up this review, we hope that you also get to enjoy tofu in all forms, even in its raw form. We end this article with the answer to the question is eating raw tofu safe. The answer is a resounding yes. You can safely eat raw tofu without any worries.

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