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Do You Know The Role of Tofu in Weight Loss?

We have all heard about the greatness of tofu when it comes to weight loss.

However, is tofu really that great?

How can we maximize the use of tofu to support us in our weight loss journey?

Will too much tofu harm my diet plan?

Find out more about the benefits and dangers of tofu for weight loss in this article.

How Fattening is Tofu and why is it great for My Diet?

In general, tofu isn’t really fattening. This is because tofu is low in calories, fat, gluten-free, and in carbohydrates. A block of tofu that weighs 100 grams would contain 76 calories. If you are on a diet that makes you count your calories, this would certainly fit the bill.

Tofu also contains minimal carbohydrates, which makes it great for people that are on a Keto diet. Apart from the keto diet, tofu can also be consumed by vegans and vegetarians alike since it is a plant-based source of protein.

Since tofu is rich in protein, it is able to make one feel fuller without consuming too many calories. Tofu is also a great base for several types of dishes as it is able to absorb the flavors easily. When cooked tight, tofu can certainly be a yummy addition to any diet plan.

Is tofu really great for your diet? It certainly is. One of the benefits of tofu is that it is able to aid in weight management. However, it isn’t just a weight loss food, tofu is considered to be a health food as it aids in diabetes management and it also helps improve one’s heart health.

Can Too Much Tofu Harm My Diet?

Have you heard about hypothyroidism? It is a condition in which our thyroid glands do not produce enough thyroid hormones. When one has an underactive thyroid, the normal bodily functions are slowed down. One common symptom of hypothyroidism is an unexplainable weight gain.

So, why am I telling you all this? The daily consumption of tofu may lead to hypothyroidism. Consequentially, this may result in an unexplainable weight gain despite living a healthy lifestyle with proper diet and exercise. Apart from the weight gain, people with hypothyroidism also have to deal with constipation and fatigue.

Consuming too much tofu may also lead to digestive problems. This is why it is important to manage the consumption of tofu without going overboard. It is important not to rely on tofu along for weight loss. Tofu is definitely beneficial for one’s weight loss journey, but it should be consumed with precaution.


Tofu Recipes for Weight Loss

  • Protein Smoothies

If you plan on going for a smoothie diet, you may be worried about your protein source. However, if you are also not the type to rely on protein powders, you can use raw tofu for your smoothies. First, tofu doesn’t have a lot of flavors, which is why it wouldn’t interfere with the flavor of the smoothie. Moreover, the tofu can also enhance the consistency of the smoothie.

  • Baked Tofu

When I am in the mood for fried tofu, I get the next best thing: Baked Tofu! I try to squeeze out all the water in the tofu to ensure that it is cooked better and it will become crispier.  I also pre-heat the oven to 350◦ Fahrenheit. Once I have laid out the tofu on the baking sheet, I would sprinkle some oil on the tofu and season the tofu with seasonings before popping it in the oven.

  • Grilled Tofu

I love tofu in whatever form even as barbeque or kebab. Similar to baked tofu, I begin by squeezing out water from the tofu. This allows me to make sure that the tofu will be grilled to a crisp. I marinate the tofu in some soy sauce and lemon before putting the tofu in a stick with some vegetables in between. Afterward, I pour in some oil on the tofu to make sure that this will result in some nice grilled marks.

  • Steamed Tofu

Steamed tofu is similar to boiled tofu without using water. This is one of my favorite methods of cooking tofu since I love soft tofu. It keeps the tofu soft and silky and it virtually requires no preparation. I just drizzle a bit of sesame oil over the tofu along with a bit of salt.

Added Notes

It is vital to avoid adding fattening marinades to tofu as the marinade can counteract the weight loss effect of tofu. You can use alternatives to the typical marinades, which are also low in calories and fat.

You should also try to avoid frying the tofu as it will absorb the oil used for frying. The oil used for frying bears a similar effect of fatty marinades or dressing on tofu.

With all this in mind, we hope that you are able to enjoy tofu even during your diet.